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"Today, someone referred to me as a starving artist. It's true. My hunger to create is never satiated." ~Michael Carin

Amanda, 22, artist. Creating, biking, the colour green, nature, books, autumn, sometimes winter. This is my personal blog. I do post thoughts and text.

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It Dwells In Me
Cast Doubt Aside

Serval (by Guy Colborne)

like grackle feathers
It’s really nice to have her home, especially when the vets told me this morning that they’d be keeping her for at least 24 hours. The combo of the antibiotics seem to have kept the fever down, and she’s closer to herself than I’ve seen in a week. She’s even sleeping, which I don’t think I’ve seen her do since last Thursday.

Prayers to the gods that this remains, and when I get home tomorrow she’ll be even better. All that’s left is to tackle the debt I’ve accumulated, and get back for the recheck later this week.
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I’m going to use “Out-Of-Context Motivational Joffrey” whenever I can.

Oh my god, Motivational Joffrey


Blood, like ink,
Pours from the wounds
Your words have left.
I smear it on the page
Until it resembles 
Something worth reading.
Cadence, diction-
I’m a mess.
Scraps of metaphors
Are etched into my bones.
I bleed similes
And my body aches
With alliteration.

I am creative chaos
And the razor shape flick
Of your tongue 
Was all it took to set this 
Storm in motion.